What are some materials I can use to make my driveway permeable?



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    Good question, harrell.  There are several options for building a permeable driveway.  You can use porous asphalt or concrete, a grid system, brick paving, or things like gravel and mulch.  I personally like the brick paving or grid system.  The brick paving looks nice, but the grid system sort of masks the driveway with green, which is very cool.  For a detailed write up about different permeable options, see the link below.

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    There are many different natural and synthetic materials out there to make permeable driveways.  Porous concrete may provide the look of a traditional driveway while gravel may be easiest to maintain.  Mixing bricks to provide a driving surface for your tires and grass down the center is also an attractive alternative.  The addition of grass helps prevent runoff by absorbing some of the water.

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