What are some majors in most colleges centered around sustainability?



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    Many colleges offer programs in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science.  Tufts university in Massachusetts has an “Office of Sustainability”.  The University of Portland in Oregon has a “Student Led Unity Program” that provides students with garden space to grow crops supplied to the dining hall.  The Oregon Institute of Technology now offers a degree in Renewable Energy.

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    Many schools also have an environmental studies department. However, sustainability is truly a cross disclipinary way of life. So you can focus your academic studies on most anything and use that base knowledge to apply it to environmental concerns. Consider physics and chemsitry, for example, this area of understanding is critical to the development of most alternative energies; ecology and environmental science is necessary for ecosystem and resource management; public policy and economics is fundamental to creating any alternative to the corporate-consumer model.

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    Yes almost ALL schools hold Environmental Studies  and/or Environmental Science as majors.  Most schools also hold Environmental Law as a major as well. 

    However, sustainability should be a way of life, not a vocation (unless you want to spread the word)  But you should try to be sustainable in everything and anything you do.  Follow your passion but make sure that whatever you take, you give back 

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    The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point offers several degrees in Natural Resources including waters, soils, wildlife management, forestry, and paper science. Other schools are setting up Environmental Centers and offering degrees in Environmental Studies. You can even get a law degree that focuses on the environment.

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