What are some major uses of oil aside from being a fuel?



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    The link has a rather extensive list of products, but some big ones are Vaseline, lubricants, crayons, fertilizers, skis, shoe polish, insecticides, and linoleum. 

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    As you say, fuel purposes constitute the majority of oil usage. However, there are a bevy of other, less prevalent, uses of oil. For instance, all items made from plastics are derived from petrochemicals (with the exception of “bioplastics”).  Synthetic rubbers (such as car tires of shoe soles) and synthetic fibers (such as polyster or acrylic) are petrochemical products.  Additionally, many fertilizers, paints, camera films, make-up, and even food additives (for purposes of preservation) are petrochemical based.

    For more information, including an interactive representation of oil-based prodcuts, see the links below.

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