What are some major environment achievements for Oregon?



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    How about some firsts? Oregon passed the first bottle bill in the nation requiring refundable deposits and encouraging recycling in ’71; passed the nation’s first ban on certain ozone-depleting chemicals in ’77; passed the nation’s first legislation bill about pollution standards for wood stoves in ’83, and about minimizing pesticide use in ’91; established the first car-sharing business (then Car Sharing Portland, now Flexcar) in the nation in ’98; and established the first environmentally friendly child care centers “Eco-Healthy Child Care” in ’08.

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    A very recent achievement for the Portland area is the banning of the plastic bag. Many environmental companies are working to ban the plastic bag in all of Oregon. If you ever find yourself shopping in Portland, make sure to bring your canvas bag!

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    There are many things Oregon
    has done in regards to environmental achievements. Some may argue that this is
    not a “major” achievement, but one of my favorite things is how biker
    friendly Portland
    is. There are over 270miles of on street bike lanes and paved bike paths.
    Additionally, a lot of office buildings have incorporated locker rooms and
    showers for bike commuters.


    For an actual “major” achievement, in 2010 Oregon banned off shore drilling through
    2020 to preserve coast lines and the climate.  

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