What are some of the main health problems caused by the fukushima disaster?



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    There are no current health problems caused by the fukishima disaster. The radiation leaks were worrisome but nowhere near the scale of those at Chernobyl, etc. A few workers, I dont know how many, got big doses of radiation, but these weren’t enough to cause any acute symptoms. In the future many of these affected workers will invariably contract cancers and lymphomas, as will a number of citizens who lived in the immediate proximity of the leak, downwind, prior to evacuation. 

    Remember that the radiation levels currently surrounding the plant are not staggeringly large. You could conceivably go there and walk around for days and be totally fine. And people do sneak in sometimes, actually. The problem is that over a period of days, months, years, someone living inside the zone of contamination would accumulate enough radiation to develop serious chronic conditions. 

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