What are some main causes of air pollution, and what items that an average person owns might cause air pollution?



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    Industrial operations, transportation, agriculture and power plants are among the greatest contributors of air pollution.  Cars would be a the most polluting item owned by the average person, although most auto-related pollution comes from transportation of goods.  Furthermore, personal energy use in the home also increases power plant emissions.  To reduce one’s own personal pollution levels or “carbon footprint,” try to cut back on driving by walking, using public transit or carpooling, unplug unused electronics, keep the house heated at a lower temperature and try to purchase locally-sourced food products. air pollution pie chart

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    Air pollution comes from combustion engines, factories, burning of fossil fuels or coal for energy, pesticides, radioactivity, power lines, and other causes.  Most people use several things a day that contribute to air pollution; examples include cars, electronics, computers, and fertilizer.

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    The other users are correct. Automobiles, boats, computers, televisions, and just about anything else that uses energy causes some form of pollution, unless you get your electricity through a wind supplier/etc. Also, if you use chemicals to treat your garden, those will eventually runoff into the local waterways.

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    Unless you have wind or solar power, every single thing you plug into an outlet pollutes. Even candles made from petroleum pollute. 

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