What are some low- and no-cost ways to improve mental health?



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    It is all about keeping the mind active. Mind and body are connected, and this means that keeping the body active will maintain or improve mental health. Exercise, games, and personal interaction all improve mental health by keeping the brain active and always operating. Learning new things, such as activities and hobbies, can activate parts of the brain not usually used resulting in increased mental health.

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    Diet and exercize have been shown to improve mental health. Books such as “The Brain Diet” connect diet, health, and intelligence. “The Source” by Woodson Merrell, is also an excellent guide to eating well and practicing behaviors that improve health, mental as well as otherwise.

    There are also other low-cost ways that people can improve mental health. Meditation has been shown to be effective in stress-reduction programs, such as those led by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zhinn.

    Socializing and connecting with others who enjoy the same things is one way to develop a sense of community, an essential element of mental health. Reading magazines and books help people stay connected to community, as well.

    Low cost and free therapy is also available from centers specializing in psychological treatment,. Also, many workplaces and schools have free counseling available.

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    I find that Vitamin D supplements really help lift my spirits in the wintertime. Exercise is also good, as endorphines are neurotransmitters proven to mimic opiates and produce a feeling of wellness. Tai Chi is a great, low-impact exercise which combines meditation with movement. Also, St. John’s Wort is an excellent supplement for those days you’re feeling really down, but may make you feel loopy and increase your chances of getting sunburnt.

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    I like to go walking or hiking. If you live in a city, go to park or try to get yourself out to open space to clear your mind. If you don’t, maybe going to one and walking around would help stimulate your mind and bring a little clarity. Whatever the case, when I need to help myself out a bit mentally I like to take a long walk with no real destination in mind and just try to enjoy the journey itself. 

    I usually try to go to places that are peaceful (to me this means with trees and not so many people) but everyone has a different idea of peaceful.

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    Reading self help books is a great way to work through issues and keep your awareness high and your mood happy.  They’re a free (if you use your local public library) way to stay in touch with yourself and re-fresh or learn skills that are essential to a healthy well-being. 

    Yoga, meditation, exercise, and tai-chi are also great active ways to increase mental well-being.  These can all be free or very inexpensive if you plan right.  Walking and running can be done alone or with a friend, you can use exercise DVDs at home and you can organize your own yoga or tai-chi group either with a bunch of friends or through the site meetup.com which is a free resource to get people together in local areas across the country. 

    Journaling is also a very inexpensive way to improve mental health.  Writing about your feelings and life’s experiences is a great way to release any negative thoughts from your mind and to encourage positive ones.  Journaling is most effective when done daily, but can really be done as you see fit. 

    Find and attend support groups in your area.  There are groups for everything from overeaters anonymous to alcoholics anonymous and everything in between.  Talking and sharing with others who are experiencing similar things to you helps to work through common problems and experiences.  These groups are often free or very lost cost.

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