What are some likely environmental conflicts that you predict for the near future?



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    One likely environmental conflict I foresee in the future is potential problems with renewable energy.  While renewable energy is a necessary venture, we may see problems arise as they are implemented on a large scale.  Wind turbines harness the power of the wind, yet they disrupt migration patterns of birds.  Solar power use solar rays which would normally heat the ground below, causing my ground animals and insects in those areas to die or relocate as the ground loses heat.  hydroelectric power is probably the worst of the renewable energy sources, as dams and other structures interfere with the ecosystems of the water, usually damaging them to the point of no return.  I’m not saying renewable energy is bad, because we need to make steps in that direction, but it will be curious to see how certain ecosystems handle large scale implementation.

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      That is a good point and to add to your answer one of the issues with wind turbines in particular are complaints of noise pollution. It takes a lot to not only agree on a form of alternative energy but where to put it and then measure those environmental costs.

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    I think anotherarea to be concerned with in the arena of environmental conflict is food security. While the world currently produces enough food to feed the everyone, theoretically, in places such as Haiti, Darfur or Somalia the delivery of food in a timely and secure manner is an issue. Haiti being the most recent example, the country was already impoverished before the earthquake and afterwards its infrastructure had completely collapsed. It is imperative that the food was delivered to those who needed it, it was dispersed equitably, and it was delivered before it was spoiled.

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    Like land, conflict over water resources has been prominent throughout human history, throughout the world. Any human settlement needs a reliable water source to subsist. Rising population, climate changes, demand for food and other environmental pressures will make water conflict even more severe in the future.

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