What are some lesser known carcinogens?



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    Most of us are aware that certain chemical additives cause cancer, particularly the chemicals found in cigarettes, like Tar, Butane, and Ethyl, but there are several lesser known carcinogens found in vatrious objects and activities. the IARC (internation agency for research on cancer) established 4 tiers of carcinogens ranging from carcinogenic, probably carcinogenic, unclassifably carcinogenic and probably not carcinogenic. I don’t want to cause a widespread panic by making unfounded claims, but carepages features 10 lesser known ways to increase cancer risk here http://cms.carepages.com/CarePages/en/ArticlesTips/FeatureArticles/Contributors/cancer-causes.html and  Others suggest that food dyes, marijuana and certain metals are also carcinogenic though there have been no studies to confirm this suggestion

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    According to the National Cancer Institute, a chemical known as Acrylamide is likely a carcinogen based on multiple studies done with laboratory animals.  This substance can be found in some foods, notably french fries and potato chips, and was declared by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to “pose a major concern” based on levels of the mutagen found in food.

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