What are some LEED buildings in New York?



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    The Bank of America Tower is the first skyscaper designed to receive platinum certified LEED recognition. The Heart Tower is certified Gold and 1095 Avenue of the Americas has LEED recognition as well.

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    Some others are the Bronx Library with a Silver certification, and the Hearst Towers in Manhattan with a Gold certification. The Hearst Towers was the first office building in NYC to be recognized by the USGBC for high environmental performance both on its exterior and interior fit-out and systems.

    There are a ton of buildings in New York that have LEED certification, just click this link http://www.urbangreencouncil.org/resources/green-buildings/green-buildings-results.html?borough_or_county=&leed_rating_system=&certification_level=&use_occupancy=&construction_year=

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