What are some of the largest environmental concerns of China?



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    Pollution has made cancer the leading cause of death in 30 cities and 78 counties in China.  Only 1 percent of the country‚Äôs 560 million city inhabitants breathe air deemed safe. One of the most common pediatric health problems is lead poisoning.  A study found that one-third of Chinese children suffer from elevated blood lead levels, which in large part is due to the manufacturing of lead-acid batteries for cars and electric bikes. 

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    To add on the necolepe’s answer, much of the pollution created by China comes from coal burning power plants. China experienced unprecedented population and economic growth over the past decade which has necessitated huge energy needs. This has given way to the construction of thousands of coal burning power plants to meet those energy demands.

    The expediency with which the plants were built and the lax environmental regulations of China made their coal production an environmental disaster.  China is home to 20 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world due in part to their massive volumes of coal pollution.

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