What are some of the larger companies that are trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce?



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    Walmart is one of the bigger companies that are trying to reduce their environmental impact. They have taken huge steps toward becoming a greener company, reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent and becoming 25-30 percent more energy efficient at their new stores. They are aiming to produce zero waste and their director of environmental management Dick Pastor says, “In just 11 months, in just 10 percent of our stores, we’ve recycled enough plastic to fill a football stadium 38 feet deep.”

    Nonetheless, skeptics believe that Walmart’s business model will prevent them from becoming “truly green” as they continue to open more stores across the country and, by extension, increasing their carbon dioxide emissions.

    Take a look at the infographic that I linked to get more interesting statistics and facts.

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