What are some large nations that are trying to clean up their pollution?



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    Over 190 countries around the world have ratified the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that would be a world agreement to lower the countries emissions. The only country in the whole world that has signed but has not ratified the proposal in order to send the global message that they are committed to better environmental practices is the United States. 


    But some countries that have been improving their emission levels include, Norway, the European continent, Australia, Russia, and Iceland (Iceland proposes to be carbon neutral by 2020). 

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    As science has demonstrated, pollution does not have borders. Air pollution in China floats over the US and contaminates air and water. Likewise, ground contaminants in one country will pollute water down stream in another. Several groups of nations have come together to collectively halt the pollution that is affecting all their nations. The Danube River Basin is now being cleaned by Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. In a similar act, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland formed a commission to protect The Rhine. The commission, called the International Commission for Protection of the Rhine, has significantly reduced pollution in the area. The European Union also created the European Environmental Agency which passed environmental laws all EU member nations must adhere to. 

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