What are some large lakes in the United States that are drying up?



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    Lake Superior, the largest lake not only in the United States but in the world, is beginning to dry up — although it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. In 2007, the lake was at its lowest point in 81 years. This change was due to the fact that the water temperature has risen 4.5 degrees since 1979, and warmer water evaporates faster and holds less ice in winter. If this trend continues, it has the potential to disrupt shipping and ecosystems alike.

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    And in 2011, Lake Superior was 10″ higher than in 2007. Historic lows occurred in 1926 and historic highs were in 1985-86. The point is that its water level fluctuates, sometimes quite dramatically, and there is no systematic lowering of the level that could in any reasonable way be called “drying up.” It is not.

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