what are some large lakes in Africa?



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    The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria, which is located between Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya near the central eastern coast. It’s the second largest freshwater lake in the world (the first is Lake Superior). Lake Victoria is 210 miles from north to south, and at its widest point is 150 miles across. It is the main reservoir of the Nile River and is home to more than 200 different species of fish. One of the most important is Tilapia, which supports many fishermen who work on the lake. Lake Victoria is surrounded by some of the most dense populations in all of Africa, and the lake is very important for trade, water supply, and fishing.

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    The longest lake in the world is Lake Tanganyika, bordering Tanzania, the Congo, and Zambia.  The lake is also the deepest in the world, going all the way down to 4,710 feet.

    The water of Tanganyika is much harder (high in mineral content) than the other big lakes of Africa, and very high oxygen content at the surface.


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    Lake Tanganyika is NOT the deepest lake in the world; Lake Baikal holds that honor at 5387 feet. Baikal is also the largest volume. Tanganyika is indeed about 20 miles longer than Baikal. The Caspian Sea, technically a salt lake, is much longer than Lake Tanganyika, but otherwise Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world.

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    Lake Djoudj in Senagal and Lake Songor Lagoon in Ghana are not the biggest lakes in Africa, but they are important to their regions. They are both reducing in volume at a large rate within the past 10 years.

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