What are some large companies that have used a DOE loan?



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    DOE offers loan guarantee programs towards projects that use innovative technologies that sustain economic growth, have environmental benefits, and produce better energy.  An example of a large company with a DOE loan is a neary 1.4 billion dollar loan Bright Source Energy to support the construction and use of solar power plants. 

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    The DOE also offered a $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra, Inc, to help fund the consturction of a commercial-scale manufacturing plant for the proprietary cylindrical solar photovoltaic panels that it produces. Solyndra expects to create thousands of new jobs manufacturing and distributing these panels. 

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    First Wind has received $117 million in loans from the DOE to install 30 MW generating wind turbines in Kuhuku, Hawaii.  This amount of energy will be enough to run electricity in 7,700 homes within the area.  The company specializes in creating and operating wind power programs, working in various communities in Oahu.

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