What are some land animals that are being affected by water pollution?



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    Essentially what you’d expect: birds and animals that require fish in their diets. As water pollution increases, the insects and fish that live in streams, rivers, and ponds are exposed to harmful chemicals that may kill them prematurely. When land animals consume fish in contaminated rivers, it can adversely impact their health. Birds are especially vulnerable when you consider the variety of water interactions: some bathe in oily water, some hunt fish almost exclusively, and some live in habitats within close proximity to polluted water supplies.

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    You are. Polluted water is water that you cannot safely drink. it is also water that has either toxic fish or a low population of fish that cannot feed humans for long. Basically any land animal that eats marine species and needs clean water to survive are affected.

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    There are many, for instance, deer. In some instances, areas that have a high population of deer will experience water and stream pollution due to fecal coliform, which is found in deer feces. Then, after drinking the polluted water, the deer population will reach a sustainable number due to effects of the disease. This process is a somewhat natural form of population control.

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