What are some jobs that you can get after you have an environmental science degree?



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    According to JobMonkey, environmental scientists can find jobs in government, or in the private sector, and often work in fields that conserve and protect natural resources.  Some examples are restoration ecologist or wildlife rehabilitator.

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    There are different options. With an environmental science degree you can engage in scientific research in alternative energy, making cars more efficient, the science of the atmosphere, and any other kind of research that is related to our environment as a whole. You can also become involved in conservation either on the research side (how to protect) or on the projects side helping in the field doing conservation work. There are also career paths in advocacy working for a NGO or working as a lobbyist.

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    Environmental scientists also study things like climate change, or collect and analyze data on emissions.  These people are also equipped to be advise the government in terms of environmental policy making.

    In addition to research jobs, some environmental scientists work at zoos or in nature conservatories to educate the public about the need to preserve the variety of species on the planet.

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    Of course there are also educators in school systems that make a huge difference, laying the foundation to a wide array of people beyond those who have sought out the particular field.  Teachers may stir up an interest in the issues of environmental science that students may otherwise not realize they had. 

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