What are some of the issues that arise from the interaction of humans with their environment?



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    There is of course a plethora of issues with human interaction and the environment. The most important in my opinion is/was the general disregard of the human population toward the environment and that we can do whatever we want to the environment without consequence. The second is that we consume much more than we conserve. This is especially applicable to land and natural resources (i.e petroleum). We need land to create both food and energy. Natural resources are needed for energy creation/consumption and food production. With increasing innovations in technology and healthcare, we also push the limits of the carrying capacity of Earth to sustain an exponentially increasing population. With growing populations, we encounter scarcity in land, water, food production, and energy consumption. Another issue is that, various industries (such as automotive and energy companies) have convinced governments to suspend climate change legislation to protect the assets of their respective industries. That is just a few issues in my opinion. If we continue on this path of a collective ignorance on environmental conservation, then population collapse is inevitable in the near future.

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    Over population!

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