What are some invasive animal species in America?



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    There are thousands of invasive animal species in the United States. These are non-native species that have been introduced onto American soil from other places and experienced explosive growth due to a lack of natural predators and resource availability. Many times they box out native species and disrupt delicate ecosystems. You can access a catalog of all the invasive species in the US here, at the US Department of Agriculture website. 

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    Some invasive animal species that can be found in the USA are the Africanized Honeybee, the Asian Long’Horned Beetle, the European Gypsy Moth, the Giant African Snail, The Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the Brown Tree Snake, the Cane Toad, the Zebra Mussel and the Wild Boar.  Visit the government’s website http://www.invasivespeciesingo.gov to check out the full list including plants and for more information on invasive species in the US.

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    One of the most dangerous invasive animal species in the US is the Snakehead fish. Many of these aggressive fish, native to Asia , were recently discovered in the Potomac River and a few isolated ponds and lakes. They are particularly dangerous because they can out compete just about all other competitors and the quickly become the dominant species in the food chain.

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