What are some interesting facts on cat behavior?



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    There are lots but here are a few:

    Cats purr (3 weeks or older) to show affection or to let you know their are in pain.

    No one knows for certain why cats knead, but there are different theories. The habit may have been carried over from ancestors in the wild, where kneading would create a bed and claim territory. Others claim that it is to duplicate the kitten phase, when they kneaded to stimulate milk production.

    When a female is in heat, the dominant male mates with her first and then the others mate with her in turn, making it potential for a litter of kittens to have multiple fathers. I am not at all sure about this, but this is what wiki says. Thought I would throw it in here so people can argue with it.

    Cats adjust their purrs and meows to match the frequency of baby’s cries (when they hear it) because they want their owners to respond to them more quickly.

    When cats rub up against you, they are claiming you as their property. They are rubbing their pheromones on you and that scent gives other cats an indication that you belong to another cat.

    They lick themselves furiously after you pet them because they prefer their own smell to yours. They will also urinate on foreign things that come into their territory because of the smell (other peoples clothes) and sometimes defecate on purpose outside their litterbox to claim dominance.

    Cats are evil hunters who will kill for pleasure (just kidding, but also not really kidding). They will bring you birds or mice and drop them on your feet in an effort to teach you how to hunt. They do this to their kittens as well.


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