What are some initiatives the US military has taken for renewable energy?



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    The US military has made great strides in the use of renewable energy while under unique constraints. While many are moving towards wind power these days, this has not proven to be a viable option for the battlefield. Instead, the US military has implemented the following renewable energy programs: portable solar panels, energy-conserving lights, solar chargers, and hybrid vessels.

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    Some commanders in the US Army have begun to see a reliance on fossil fuels as problematic. While the beginning switch to renewable energy or “green” energy measures only represents a small factor of their total energy production, many army officials hope to increase this in the coming decade.

    The Navy launched its first hybrid vessel in 2009 called the U.S.S. Makin Island. When it is moving at speeds under 10 knots, it is powered by electricity. On one trip from Mississippi to San Diego, it saved 900,000 gallons of fuel compared to a non-hybrid vessel of its size. The Air Force likewise plans to have its entire fleet powered by biofuel later in 2011.

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    It is incorrect to say that the US Air Force plans to have its fleet powered by biofuels in 2011. That’s completely impossible.

    They do have the idea of fueling using a wide variety of alternative sources by 2030, which is far enough away that you can say almost anything.

    They also hope to supply half their fuel from alternatives by 2016, and they hope to make all planes able to use alternatives by 2012. A key word there is ‘hope’.

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