What are some important natural fibers?



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    Cotton, silk, wool and linen are all important natural fibers. Cotton is derived from the seed pod of the cotton plant, and silk from the cocoons of silk worms. Wool is derived from various animals coats – anything from sheep to llama, and finally, linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Cotton is currently the most prevalent of the fibers worldwide, with revenues generated from cotton totally $120 billion in the US alone.

    A cotton plant seed pod:


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    Natural fibers are created from animals/insects or plants’ stems, leaves, and seeds. Like the previous answerer said, cotton, wool, flax, and linen are all important natural fibers, particularly for their high revenue and usability. However, some more important natural fibers are hemp, ramie, and jute. They’re similar to linen, but are processed a bit differently. They’re all important for manufacturing items such as clothing textiles, carpets, ropes, etc.

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    Besides cotton, silk, and wool, natural fibers are widely used around the world. Cashmere is the wool of the kashmir goat in the Himalayas, and Alpaca wool comes from Alpacas in Peru. Mohair, a thin, soft material that is easily dyeable, comes from the Angora goat in South Africa. Jute, similar to twine, is a strong natural fiber used in sackcloths to carry grains.

    Sisal is a very strong, stretchable material made from agave plants in Latin America. Because sisal is too coarse to be made into fabric, it is used for rugs, mattresses, dartboards, and as a strengthener in plastic composite materials in cars. Ramie, a white, silky fiber with a density similar to that of flax, is native to China and is used in nets, twine, and traditional Asian clothing.

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    Bamboo is another natural fiber. However, there are a lot of chemical processes involved for the end result of a nice fiber for fabric. Check out this answer for more information about bamboo:


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