What are some of the important contributions women have made to environmental science?



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    Perhaps the most important female contributor to the modern Environmental Movement and Study was Rachel Carson. Born in 1907, she began working as a biologist and by the 1950s had begun writing about nature and her findings. It would not be until 1962 and the release of her book Silent Spring that she gained fame. In the book, she explored the harmful effects of ‘safe chemicals’ such as DDT, now banned in the US. The book found that pesticides and other chemicals sprayed freely and quite commonly around the US were having detrimental effects on people as well as the environment. Her work led to the first real investigations into the dangers of these chemicals and helped begin the modern day environmental movement. Carson died in 1964 after a long battle with cancer, but has been posthumously recognized as one of the most important figures in Environmental Science and Environmentalism in the US and the World.

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