What are some ideas to have a green barbecue or party?



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    For a green barbecue, I’d recommend making your burgers out of grassfed beef, if your party is for a meat eating crowd. Cows that are raised on pasture come to the plate from a much more sustainable system with a low carbon footprint and humane treatment. Often times, depending on where you are, you can find grass fed products from a nearby farm, and in doing so support local agriculture and cut down your food miles.

    For drinks, I’d recommend browsing through this GreenAnswers thread about eco-friendly beers for some ideas: http://greenanswers.com/q/248/products-shopping/food/there-environmentally-friendly-beer

    After the party is over, you can make your barbecue green by recycling all the bottles and cans and composting the organic waste leftover.  

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    You can also buy your veggies at the local farmers’ market, use compostable or clothe napkins, use real dinnerware, buy charcoal from sustainably managed forests, and monitor the amount of packaging your BBQ or party food requires.

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    Plan everything before hand so you don’t waste resources on leftovers or two of the same dish.  Choose a clean burning gas grill over one that uses charcoal.  Use an alternative to lighter fluids, since most petroleum based ones release VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.  Serve less meat and include more vegetables in your meal, since it is more energy intensive to produce the former.

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    Try to buy as much of the food as possible from local sources to cut down on the environmental impact of transporting it.

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    Another great eco-friendly meat option is Buffalo!  Make Bison Burgers, and help the survival of a species.  Thanks in part to consumption of buffalo, their population in the US has grown 4 times its size in the 1800s.  Also, they are delicious.  Bon Appetit has a great recipe for Bison Burgers, see the link below.

    And it wouldn’t hurt to bike to the grocery store, and bring your own bags when shopping!

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    You could make veggie burgers rather than meat burgers!  Try having your guests all bring a dish made with ingredients from local farmers/farmers markets or grown in their own garden.  At the end of the night, put everything you don’t want as left-overs into a compost pile.  Try not to use paper plates, even though it’s a BBQ, use reusable utensils.  Have fun!

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