What are some ideas for a green wedding?



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    The internet is full of green wedding ideas, visit Green Weddings or Planet Green’s How to Go Green Weddings, to find plenty of ideas and tips. Some ideas for a green wedding can include locally grown, organic food, and vintage or recycled wedding bands and wedding dress.

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    There are a myriad of ideas.

    Regarding rings: http://www.credjewellery.com/ has fair-trade jewelry. Additionally, Sumiche Jewelry Co. “is the only company in the U.S. using Certified Green Gold and Platinum.”

    Regarding the venue: Having an outdoor wedding can help save electricity use.

    Regarding the honeymoon: attend an eco-friendly resort. Or, go somewhere closer to cut down on use of energy and oil by the airplane.

    http://www.greeneleganceweddings.com/ offers an entire book for purchase.

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