What are some ideas for green valentines day gifts?



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    Take your special somebody to a park (walk if you can, or take mass transit)  Nothing is nicer than spending time with somebody in nature.  Yeah, a teddy bear or box of chocolate might hold an up-front cute factor, but the the things that people really remember is the good times they had with somebody else, not the materials they receive. 

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    For starters, make sure the gift is one that the recipient actually wants. This limits the likelihood that it will get thrown out. Also, try a different take on roses: give a potted plant instead. It will keep growing rather than need to be tossed.

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    I fully agree. Spending time together in a place you both love, or a exploring someplace new together, can be far more meaningful than any object purchased from the store.

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    One of my favorite green dates is biking to our local farmer’s market to shop for fresh, organic, and sustainably grown produce. Our market is on Sundays so we make it our weekly date and spend a couple hours hand in hand wandering the stalls and supporting local farmers and artists. If you want to extend the date, you can always enjoy your fresh goodies at park with a picnic or cook a delicious organic feast together.

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    1. Artificial flowers. They don’t smell as good but they last much longer!
    2. Purchase the largest box of chocolate you can find. It will last longer than one day and perhaps you can use the box for other purposes.
    3. Exchange electronic cards via email or a social network. Physical cards accumulate in the house and use paper.
    4. Enjoy a meat free meal at your favorite restaurant. If your fave doesn’t serve healthy food, go somewhere else! Try a green meal.
    5. Walk to your destination if possible to save on gas and help decrease gas emission from your vehicle.
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    I totally agree that time spent together is the absolute best gift. If you have the time, I would say head for you closest national, state or even local park, wildlife preserve, beach, riverfront, etc and just spend some time in each other’s company. This isn’t a cop-out though! Make sure to put some time and thought into packing a  picnic full of his/her favourite foods  (locally-sourced and organic – bonus points for home-cooked), accompanied by proper cutlery and dinnerware (no paper or plastic in sight) and a homemade card or vintage item (jewelry, handbag, book).

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