What are some ideas for green gifts?



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    There are gifts in just about any category you can imagine that are environmentally minded. 

    Obviously, anything made from recycled materials is a great choice. 

    Here are some great recycled items that make cool gifts: http://www.uncommongoods.com/gifts/collections/green-gifts

    Small plants or potted herbs make for nice green housewarming gifts. 

    Depending on what your gift recipient is interested in, there is probably a product that suits them. Consider a bamboo cutting board for the food lover, a recycled bird feeder or lawn art for the gardener, or a solar powered charger for the electronics enthusiasts. 

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    Sometimes people appreciate the mere gesture of a gift and are glad to accept donations to charities in their name, which is a productive and green gift, especially if you donate to an earth friendly organization that promotes conservation, like the Sierra Club for example. Check out this link to see all kinds of green gift ideas:



    My personal favorite is the BLUEiQ Customizable Mini Ecosystem. It is not only easy on the eye, it also supports life and is environmentally responsible. 

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