What are some ideas for green Christmas tree decorations?



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    Eggs can be turned into beautiful, delicate ornaments for your tree. Empty the egg by poking two small holes at either end and blowing through one, then paint the outside something festive. This Website (http://www.nigelsecostore.com/acatalog/Christmas_Decorations.html) sells ornaments made from old electronics, such as CDs and circuit boards. Paper snowflakes, painted pinecones, and paper or aluminum foil chains are also classic, eco-friendly Christmas decoration ideas.

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    Cookies are versatile decorations that can be any shape, size or color. You could switch to LED lights and put them on timers. There is always the traditional garland out of popcorn. There are many companies that make ornaments out of recycled materials: : Tin Can Angels, Everest Ornament, Circuitboard Tree Ornament, and WorldofGoods.com.

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    My first idea for eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations is to cook organic popcorn and string it on wire or thread. Another idea would be to use recycled paper to make Origami creatures to place on the tree and then recycle them afterward. Also, if you saved old Christmas cards, you can place the cards in the branchs. You could also cut up the cards into shapes and hang them on the tree!

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