What are some ideas for green baby shower gifts?



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    There are many companies making green baby gifts today. Be they diaper bags made from recycled materials or baby clothes made from organic cotton, you can probably find whatever you’re looking for in a simple online search. Here’s a list of some suggestions to start.

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    There are lots of options when choosing to buy green baby shower gifts. You can purchase them either online or in stores. The gifts vary from baby carriers, diapers, up to sippy cups and much more. A popular website to buy green baby shower gifts is for example amazon.com. Here is a site for more ideas. 

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    I would say if you want to go extreme green, reuse baby items.  Clothes, books, toys, just make sure they are sanitized ahead of time.  If you don’t have kids yourself, shop at stores that sell re-used items.  


    If you still prefer to buy something new, you could purchase a month (or however long) of diaper service….so instead of having to buy diapers, cloth ones are used.

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    One idea for green baby gifts are clothing items made with organic fibers, such as organic cotton or soy, without additional or chemically-made dyes, or are locally produced. Organic fibers are more environmentally friendly than conventionally grown materials, and dyes can be chemically produced or have byproducts in their production that is harmful to the environment. Finally, locally produced clothing items will have travelled much less than other items, thus using fewer fossil fuels in their transit. One great site I found that helps you find environmentally friendly baby clothing, as well as toys and supplies, is the Great Green Baby blog—see the link below for more.

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    In research for answering another question, I came across biodegradeable inserts and reusable diapers from a company called gDiapers. Not only are they green, but they are really cute!

    I agree with the above answerers as well, that the greenest baby shower gift is to reuse something. I also like the idea of giving children’s books instead of cards. It saves the paper for the card, and instead is a gift that the family will most likely use for years.

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    If you live near them, you could offer to make them locally grown organic dishes!  🙂  New parents are lucky if they can manage both a shower and a sandwich on the same day during those early weeks, so bringing them food they can just reheat would be very welcome and very green.  Vegan meals would be the greenest type of food, but you could check with them for ideas as to what they’d like.

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    Well, it’s a bit late but I’d like to throw my two cents in. Make it fun! Give them stuff they can reuse and will be useful for them. You can introduce them to a green lifestyle for their newborn if they aren’t already by giving them a eco-friendly products like Seventh Generation diapers or organic baby clothes. For the actually wrapping you can put it in a basket (you might have this lying around the house) and wrap the gift around a baby blanket!

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