what are some plants that I do not have to be a good gardner to grow?



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    iVillage lists what they call the top 10 easiest plants to grow. You can follow the link for more details on each one if you’d like.

    1. Daylily, ‘Stella de Oro’
    2. Black-Eyed Susan
    3. Hosta
    4. Blanket Flower, ‘Goblin’
    5. Strawberry, ‘Surecrop’
    6. Yarrow, ‘Paprika’
    7. Rose ‘Felicia’
    8. Stonecrop, ‘Vera Jameson’
    9. Tomato
    10. Lamb’s Ears, ‘Silver Carpet’

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    From my experience (not being the best gardener myself, but working on it…), I have had the easiest time with:

    Aloe – very difficult to either under- or over-water
    Succulents (esp. Jade) – same as above
    Roses (wild varieties) – very tolerant and re-bloom, even without pruning

    Pothos – you can take a cutting from a friend’s and grow it yourself!
    Rubber plant – when it gets too big, just clip from the top (do this outside, rubbery liquid comes out!)

    Many of the plants on these lists I have had for over a decade, since before I knew how to care for them, and they are still thriving!

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    Woah, I’ve heard that it’s pretty difficult to grow tomatoes.

    Anyway, my two suggestions are JADE (any succulents, but jade especially) and IVY. I have a big 4 year old jade that recently fell off my 2nd floor balcony. I didn’t discover that it had fallen until 2 or 3 days later. I dubiously repotted it and it is kicking *ss. These plants, whenever you prune them (or if they suffer some physical trauma) grow back in full force.

    Ivy is also really hard to kill and it grows like crazy. Specifically, try the species of spiderwort called Tradescantia pallida, or, WANDERING JEW.” All you need to do is put a leaf in a glass of water for it to grow roots, then move it to a pot and watch it go.

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