What are some human impacts on the amazon rain forest?



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    Human business are the primary factors in the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. The two that are the most responsible for the actual deforestation occurring in the Amazon rainforest are agriculture and cattle. Both activities need land to prosper and all other regions in Brazil are already saturated, there is no place for new crops or more cattle if, and only if, the producers keep using the same old techniques. This is truer with the cattle industry that still uses very inefficient processes. Another business that affects the forest is the wood sector. Where there is legal reserves for wood the activity doesn’t create much damage, the illegal cutting is devastating. Since most of the wood is exported, the buying countries should always require the proper certifications, which can proof the origin of the wood if its from a legal reserve. This would be a very effective way to make this problem a lower deforestation factor. Illegal mining also create a lot of problems by polluting the rivers with toxic substances used in the mining process. Additionally there is a lot of illegal trade of biological species.

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    The human impact on rainforests, have severely disrupted the jungles (rainforests) of the world. Between 19 and 50 million acres (7 to 20 million hectares) are lost each year to mainly farming, logging, and mining.

    In Central America, cattle ranching and cultivation have wiped out an estimated two thirds of the region’s rain forests. While timbering and crop clearing may eliminate the jungle forests in Africa. In Asia and Australia most of the natural rain forests have disappeared or are severely disrupted due to logging and clearing land for rubber plantations and farming.

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