What are some hotel chains that are trying to become more eco friendly?



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    I found a list of the 10 most eco-friendly hotel chains. They are:

    10. Best Western

    9. Motel 6

    8. International Hotels Group

    7. Hyatt

    6. Kimpton Hotels and Restaurant

    5. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

    4. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

    3. Marriot

    2. Hilton

    1. Starwood

    Some of these are franchises where an individual manager of a specific hotel has gone out and done something eco-friendly–not every Hilton or Best Western is going to be as eco-friendly as some of them. Most have at least gone out of their way to offer optional linens service and use more energy efficient practices, if they haven’t done anything else. Check out the link below for more information

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