What are some highlights of Wal Mart’s plan to introduce healthier foods and products?



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    Wal-Mart plans to reduce sodium (by 25%) and added sugars (by 10%) from their packaged food products.  Likewise, they plan to make healthier choices, such as fruits and vegetables, more affordable and attractive to shoppers.  The logic behind this is that Wal-Mart is such a powerhouse in terms of retailers, that other companies will follow suit to remain competitive and relevant; this will hopefully influence more people to eat healthier in general.

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    Earlier this year Wal-Mart announced a five-year plan to help reduce salt, fat, and sugar content on many of its prepackaged food items, as well as reduce the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables and food items with whole grains. Some critics say Wal-Mart is not doing enough, and that the reductions of sugar could be much more aggressive and the time line of five years could be quicker.

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