What are some herbs that grow well indoors?



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    Basil, Oregano, Chives and cilantro are good herbs that can grow indoors. Keep them watered and by a window and you can enjoy your own fresh grown herbs once they mature.

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    Most popular herbs can grow indoors as long as they are placed in an adequate spot that receives enough sun. It is recommended that you place your herbs in a window sill or in a spot that is preferably south-facing as it would guarantee the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day. Because indoor plants are completely reliant on you, make sure you water once a week and add compost every once in a while. The second sourced site breaks down the herbs in terms of difficulty level and may be a good resource depending on your green thumb. Below is a list of herbs that you are able to grow indoors

  3. Dill
  4. Fennel
  5. Lavender
  6. Geranium
  7. Chives
  8. Sage
  9. Thyme
  10. Angelica
  11. Chamomile
  12. Basil
  13. Oregano
  14. Mint
  15. Parsley
  16. Rosemary
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    Great list so far. You can also grow sweet marjoram indoors quite well.

    Be careful with the watering though. Not every plant requires the same amount of water. Plants such as rosemary and lavender like to dry out between waterings; whereas basil, cilantro and parsley for example do best if kept moist.

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