What are some healthier alternatives to a cup of coffee in the morning?



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    The most important question to ask considering the “healthiness” of coffee is the morning, “is this environmentally friendly?”  On average, most American’s consume Starbucks and the average cup amount is 3.4 per day.  This means that it is possible that 3.6 cups paper cups, per day, per person, are being thrown away, and oftentimes Starbucks doubles up their cups!

    So, takes some steps towards change, if you’re going to consume coffee, buy a reusable mug or thermos AND utilize it.  We all may need coffee, healthy content or not, but one thing is for sure: we can reduce the trash created by such consumption.  Make a change.

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    Tea is said to have many health benefits and contains antioxidants, and also has a lower caffiene content than coffee depending on the type you drink.  Don’t think coffee is unhealthy though; emerging evidence suggests that coffee is more healthy for us than we think.  It may reduce the risk of colon cancer, Parkinson’s, and cirrhosis. 

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    Iced or hot teas are good alternatives to coffee.  As greengenie said they contain antioxidants (if they are true teas and not herbal teas).  However, coffee can be healthy as well depending on how much sugar or cream you add.  There was a study published a few years ago that found coffee drinkers had a reduced risk of alcohol induced cirrhosis of the liver, a protection that was not found in tea drinkers.  If  you are however, looking for a caffeine source where you do not aggravate an ulcer try tea.  If you are looking to avoid caffeine all together, try eating an apple, a recent study found that eating an apple is more effective than drinking a cup of coffee to keep people awake.

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    Water & Sun Salutations.  Water should be the first thing you drink each day.  As you replenish your body with hydration (vs. caffeine which will dehydrate you) it helps your organs – including the brain- to function properly.  Sun salutations are a great way to get some gentle stimulation and set a good tone for the day.  Together, they are a healthy way to begin your day.

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