What are some health risks tied to atrazine?



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    Aside from being moderately carcinogenic, Atrazine also has a risk of seriousl altering your mental chemistry and dopamine receptors, although tests beyond rats have been inconclusive so far. They have, however, shown enough risk to make scientists concerned.

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    If atrazine is inhaled, some particles may be deposited in your lungs. Skin contact will allow it to pass through your blood stream. However it does not build up or remain in your body. Hope this helps!


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    In 2006, EPA concluded that cumulative exposures to these pesticides through food and drinking water are safe and meet the rigorous human health standards set forth in the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA). This assessment showed that the levels of atrazine and simazine that Americans are exposed to in their food and drinking water, combined, are below the level that would potentially cause health effects.

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