What are some health problems connected to meat consumption?



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    Lets see if I can put some perspective on this.  Meats and other animal products like eggs contain cholesterol. One 3 oz serving of a skirted steak has 50mg of cholesterol, which comes to a total of 17% of your daily recommended value.  But who really only eats 3oz, I know I generally have a 9oz steak when I go out for a steak dinner, so I guess that immediately puts me up to 51% of my RDV for cholesterol.  Cholesterol can build up in your arteries causing them to narrow and possibly become blocked.  Narrowing arteries can lead to increased blood pressure, and blocked arteries can lead to heart attack and stroke. 

    Now, this is not to say that everyone who eats meat will have these problems, some genetics is involved as well, but consuming 3x the recommended serving of meat cooked in butter with cheesecake for dessert every day is likely very bad for your heart and arteries.

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