What are some health hazards from long-term exposure to a laser printer?



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    It’s not clear that there are any.  There are a number of questions about the scientific validity of the study that showed health hazards were associated with laser printers, and even the authors of the study themselves admitted to major issues with determining an accurate overall result.  In an article from Berkeley about the study, this was said:

    “EETD colleague Rich Sextro agreed. “What we don’t know is what (the findings in the study) mean,” he said. “Certainly our expectation is that exposures to lots of ultrafine particles probably isn’t a very good thing, but we have no idea at the moment what that translates into in the real world.  Exposures to lots of contaminants in indoor air can be bad — but the effects are often related to exposure amount, duration and toxicity of the materials in question, and we clearly don’t know that here.”  Another scientist said, “The health effects from inhaled ultrafine particles depend on particle composition, but the results can range from respiratory irritation to more severe illnesses, such as cardiovascular problems or cancer,” but, again, we don’t know if these ultrafine particles–the particles from laser printers–actually cause those symptoms at all.  In short, I wouldn’t worry.


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