What are some harmful chemicals in soda?



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    Previous answers at the link.

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    In addition to the answers provided by the above link, many sodas contain acids such as citric, phosphoric and malic or tartaric acids. According to a study where human teeth were placed in cola drinks, it was found that within two days, the teeth became very soft and the enamel surface lost most of its calcium. It was also found that brushing your teeth after drinking an soda can increase the damage done to your tooth enamel, and dissolving down the gum line.

    Preservatives like benzoic acid and sulfur dioxide are also added to soda to prevent it from spoiling. If these chemicals are taken in high doses, it can be very dangerous.

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    High-Fructose Corn Syrup. At best, it’s sugar (which isn’t the greatest thing), and at worst it’s a sweetener that might raise your risk for diabetes, cancer, and obesity more than sugar does. Statistically, more people will be harmed by the HFCS in their drinks than any other chemical in soda.

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