What are some harmful chemicals that I could be breathing in my cube at work?



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    To some extent it depends on what kind of environment you work in. Some of the first things that come to mind though are disinfectants that people spray and any cleaning chemicals used in the office. You can ask the facilities manager what chemicals are use for cleaning and maybe suggest they look into using “green” ones instead.

    If you work in a large building then the air system can be spreading around all kinds of chemicals from other areas of the building. For example, if there is painting or construction going on in another part of the building, those fumes will be circulated through the air system and you will end up breathing them. 

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    Another harmful indoor pollutant that probably exists in your office are VOC’s. VOC’s are found in carpets, paint, office equiptment and other objects. They are known to potentially cause eye, nose and throat irritation, and over the long term – cancer and damage of vital organs. 

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    To add to maya811’s answer, VOCs are absolutely present in offices, but once the smell from them dissipates, they are significantly less harmful.  For instance, if there is new carpet installed in your office, the chemical smell is toxic and can be harmful because of the VOCs present.  Once that smell goes away, you are not in danger anymore.  Sometimes older office furniture or even cubicle walls can still smell like they’ve been fumigated recently. Those materials may still be giving off VOCs.

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