What are some harmful chemicals that can come out of a plastic container when you microwave it?



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    Bisphenol A (BPA)  is found in most plastic food containers today. Not only is it found in plastic containers, but also in the lining of most cans. BPA is a synthetic estrogen that enters the body when one consumes food or beverages out of plastic or plastic-lined containers.  The attached youtube video is very informative on this subject.

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    The chemicals used to make various types of plastics can migrate into food when cooked at high temperatures in a microwave.  Particular chemicals under scrutiny are polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate, and plasticizers.  These are the chemicals that make plastics pliable and soft. Some plasticizers emit hormone-mimicking substances called endocrine disruptors, which are now being examined for potential links to birth defects, cancer or fertility problems.  Its not just the plastics that you should worry about.  Originally, microwave-ready popcorn and pizza packaging leaked low levels of benzene as well.

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