What are some of the greenest farmers markets in America?



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    This answer can be very biased so I will answer this based upon my own opinion as well as exlore others….

    Boulder, Colorado boasts an excellent farmers market during the summer months. Boulder is an amazing green city because of how accepting the folk are towards new ideas and the Green movement in general- their farmers market definitely represents that. Many of their items are organically grown or made in the Boulder, making many products both green AND sustainable which we all love! Since there are tons of green industries in the area, the farmers market has a large selection of items catered to the citizens in the know. Choicy green items there include Udi’s granola and breads, goat cheese, locally grown herbs and produce, and some of the best looking tomatoes I have ever seen.

    Chicago also has an amazing green Farmers Market that is open year-round! Called the Green City Market, it is run by chefs and farmers and I think it is very green because it is not only a farmer’s market, but an educational center of sorts where many programs are offered and cater not only to the public, but the professionals in the restaurant and food sector can implore as well.

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