What are some of the greenest breweries in America?



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    New Belgium Breweries comes immediately to mind with this question. In 1999 they decided to purchase a renewable energy contract that would cover all their electrical needs through wind power, thus cutting down on 15 million pounds of CO2 that would have been released into the atmosphere. The brewery has also managed to cut down on its waste water by processing it in the brewery itself, using anerobic digestion to convert the waste in wastewater into methane gas, which in turn can be burnt for power, and cutting down on the overall water use of the brewery. The brewery has also been constructed to more efficiently use power, by funnel natural daylight into darker parts of the building, for example, cutting down on the need for power. And New Belgium is not alone: Fish Brewing, Full Sail, and Alaskan Brewing have all taken great strides to cut down on waste caused by brewing beer.

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    I found on The Daily Green the top 10 eco friendly brewing companies. Some of the companies include: Sierra Nevada, Full Sail, and Brooklyn Brewery. Hope you find one you like. 

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    Sierra Nevada has a giant, solar-powered complex.

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    There is a wind turbine powered microbrewery in Kittyhawk, NC.  Good grub and great beer.  I believe it was the first, if not the only.  Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

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