What are some green ways to wrap Christmas presents?



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    Banana fiber paper uses wasted bark from banana production into decorative eco-friendly wrapping paper. In addition, opt for tree-less sources of paper, such as 100% recycled paper printed with soy-based inks. Avoid using conventional, petroleum-based tape. Instead, make tightly creased folds as you wrap, securing it by tying up the package tightly (in two directions) with natural, reusable twine or yarn. Some people recommend the frugal route by wrapping gifts with common household leftover paper items such as wallpaper, coloring book pages, comics, old greeting cards, etc. Use old maps or paper bags around the house for gift wrap and top with a simple hemp twine bow.

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    Use old newspaper, used wrapping paper, or old bags to wrap presents instead of purchasing new paper. Also, avoid using tags or bows as they create more waste.

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    The Sunday paper’s colored comic section usually provides a colorful and green alternative to wrapping paper, and you know it can be recycled with ease after.

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    Making your own homemade paper is also an option for wrapping gifts. You can use scraps and unneeded paper bags, egg cartons, computer paper, old cards, magazines, napkins, and tissue paper, among other things. Check out this article on handmade paper for instructions and the list of supplies that you’ll need to make the paper.

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    A good way to wrap gifts is with eco-friendly wrapping paper. You can buy “green” wrapping paper online and in some stores. One company that sells eco-friendly paper is EndoPrints. Their business is online and their paper is 100% recycled and make with soy-ink rather than chemical ink. The designs on the paper are absolutely gorgeous.

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