What are some green ways we can help Haiti?



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    There are a couple of funds you can contribute to that are helping Haiti in a green way. Here are a couple:

    Viva Rio’s Biogas – The Brazilian non governmental organisation (NGO) Viva Rio had built toilets in the slums of Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince and transform the human waste in a methane bio-digester to generate biogas and up to 3,000 Watts of energy per day.

    Haiti Green Project – As with other Haitian environmental programs the Haiti Green Project has as its primary goal the reforestation of the country. But they believe the problem is so large that it requires all hands on deck if it is to succeed, so they are working not only tree planting projects, but also on endeavours to engage and educate Haiti youth. On programs that will provide them with education, employment and respect in the creation of extensive forests.

    Architecture for Humanity – Architecture for Humanity group have already swung into action, and have their donation page up, so they can get a grassroots network of architects, designers and building professionals working with the local people of Haiti to provide appropriate buildings and shelter.

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    According to treehugger.com, there are a few funds you to which you can donate:


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