What are some green ways to market a business?



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    One way you could market a business in a green manner would be on the internet.  This way you get out the word but don’t end up creating a bunch of waste.  Your website can have customers sign up for e-mailed news and specials and it will reward them with a great deal while you build a customer base. You can also use social media sites like facebook and myspace to find more customers. I think you can target members who have certain likes or are in the same area as your business.

    You could also use radio marketing. Or get creative.  Think about your target market and where they shop or dine.  Is there a way you could get your advertising out in a product that a local coffee shop would use anyway.  Or, maybe you are a vet and want to promote your new practice, you could have some dog treats printed with your business name and phone number in edible ink.  My town is very dog friendly and hands out treats to customers with their pets.  If you donated a few to each you would raise awareness for your business while already making friends with your furry customers.

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    The epitome of green marketing is the classic ‘grassroots’ method, where word is spread from person to person.  In this way, energy isn’t even used! (aside from personal energy)  Through recommendations people, company reputation spreads like wildfire.  Many local ‘hot-spots’ grow this way.

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    E-commerce is a great way to market your business and be green. E-business too. E-business is where you advertise your site online–what is the business, what does it do, etc. An E-commerce site allows you to conduct business online as well. Both of these help you to be green! If you have enough confidence in the quality and the name of your business, you could market by word of mouth. Get a few good customers and either count on them to spread the word, or provide some incentive–offer your clients a discount if they tell and bring in X amount of new customers. Texting and emailing are other good ways. They allow you to send out a single message/advertisement directly to a mass audience.

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