What are some green ways to cool large buildings?



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    One good example is the San Fransisco Federal building. Sun shades reduce direct sunlight absorbtion. It also has operable windows that sensors open at night to cool the building.

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    There are ways to reduce the absorption of heat through the roof of the buildings. It is important to get the building to reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing the sun’s rays and cause the building to get hot. White tiles can be used on the roof because white reflects sunlight and a good portion of the heat will be reflected. Asphalt shingles reflect 5 to 15% of sunlight, clay tile roofing reflects 25 to 35% of sunlight, and concrete tile reflects 10 to 30% of sunlight. Clay tile roofing can save around 35% on cooling costs while concrete tile can save around 20% on cooling costs.

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