What are some green ways to build a home?



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    There are a lot of ways to approach the design and building of a green home.  There are so many different approaches that there is sure to be one that fits with your lifestyle.  One must think about the different sources of energy consumption within a household as well as the materials used to build it.  Using recycled materials from buildings that are being torn down, such as wood, windows and doors is one way to build a green home.  You could also stock a house with state of the art energy saving appliances and windows that reduce heat loss.  Proper insulation is a must, and you could even add extras like solar panels that heat water or generate electricity. Or, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, build your own home.  Not requiring earth moving eqiupment construction of a nice log cabin style home or even more modern home is quite green, and can be a great bonding experience.

    My favorite green home is made from reclaimed and recycled materials, check out some of the pictures here.

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    One green way to build a home is to use sustainably grown wood, sourced locally if at all possible.  The trees will be properly managed for sustainable growth and less fossil fuel will be burned to ship the lumber.

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    Keep direction in mind also when building a home if possible.  A house that faces East will get morning sun and afternoon shade.  In warmer areas that’s good – it will keep the house cooler in the rooms that are facing east, and if the yard is facing east it should require less water as well.  For cooler climates the opposite might be true, build the house facing west so the afternoon sun can help warm a house.

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    To start with easiest is to choose certfied and recycled products to  do the house interiors,use low VOC paints,adhesive and sealant,you can install solar panels and use cool roof so as to minimise the electric load. All appliances in the house should be energy rated which consume less energy. Sprinkler to water the plants can be manual rather than auto to conserve water, rain harvested rather than potable water can be used to landscape.The plumbing fixture in the house can be dual dlush toilets or water less urinals.House can have passive daylighting and operable windows.The HVAC system in the house can be a mixture of both mechanical and natural ventilation.These are some easy ways to a green home.

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