What are some green ways to advertise a product?



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    FOR LEED certified projects…
    Wood: is it “FSC”
    Does product contain recycled content?
    Is it recyclable?
    Is it manufactured within 500 miles?
    Loook at LEED criterion

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      Interesting, do you think that for people to use LEED certification for advertisement the idea of having buildings LEED certified needs to become more popular?

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    Any advertising that’s done on recycled materials can be considered green. There are several firms that cater to the environmentally conscious advertiser by offering post-consumer materials.

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    I saw this question and had a really hard time thinking of an answer, since almost all forms of commercial advertisement these days aren’t environmentally friendly. One idea did come to my mind though, and that was using word of mouth to sell your product. By getting people to talk about something, they are going to want to go out and see what it is and buy it. Even though there are flaws with this plan, it’s really one of the only true “green” ways to advertise. 

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